Let’s ROLE With It: From Therapist to Coach

· January 31, 2023
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Course Number: ABIO2312

When: Recorded playback is available between available March 22, 2023 – June 18, 2023.

Where: Available under “Course Content” at the bottom of this page.

Description: In this session, we discuss what steps Speech-Language Pathologists can take to build a coaching-style business to bridge that gap between therapy and home programs by coaching parents directly. We will discuss the difference between therapists and coaches and a new communication style for therapists that leads to open-ended questions and analysis/reflection questions.

Who This Course Is Good For:

  • Any ASHA member, CCC holder, or other professionals that are licensed or credentialed to practice speech-language pathology (SLP) or audiology or preparing to earn ASHA CEUs.
  • A professional who is looking to start a business or has an established business.
  • A professional who works with families or cares to learn more about parent coaching.

Who This Course Isn’t Good For:

  • Any professional that does not currently work in the field providing treatment or plans to in the near future.
  • Any professional who does not work with families or needs to discuss goals and milestones with parents.


Venita Litvack, M.A, CCC-SLP

Venita is an Assistive Technology (AT) Consultant in south Florida. She has a passion for using AAC, AT, and literacy to support individuals with complex communication needs, autism, and other disabilities. Venita has delivered poster presentations on several topics related to AAC at ASHA and co-presented several ASHA CEU accredited courses. Venita co-authored two articles published in ASHA Leader’s online publication, as well as the Lou Knows What to Do book series published by Boys Town Press. Recently, Venita started utilizing the power of social media to empower and motivate educators across the country through the Speechie Side Up podcast, blog, Instagram account, and YouTube channel.

Jacqueline Jebian Garcia, M.S., CCC-SLP

Jacqueline Jebian Garcia, MS, CCC-SLP is a speech-language pathologist for 9 years, currently serving as a full-time Social Emotional Coach for the University of Miami’s LOOK (Learning to Objectively Observe Kids) Project. Jacqui has provided 1:1 coaching for teachers in the Head Start Programs of Miami-Dade County, Florida in order to promote positive engagement and social emotional development in children ages 3-5. Jacqui firmly believes that we can be more than one thing in life and that we can create ourselves over and over again! Therefore, she is passionate about many things, ensuring they all align with her big heart: creativity, functional communication skills, multi-sensory stimulation, sensory processing and understanding how and why we respond emotionally to the sensory input around us, following the child’s lead, teaching self-advocacy, AAC, neurodiversity, executive functions, social-emotional development, connection parenting, and breaking generational cycles. Becoming a mother of 2 changed her perspective on her therapy approach and interaction with parents; she began feeling very ineffective as a speech-language pathologist within the 4 walls of a hospital’s outpatient rehab center. She wanted to support parents more effectively, while bridging that gap between therapy and home programs. Recently, Jacqui founded Create Yourself Co. LLC with its mission to give parents the tools to confidently create sensational connection at home. She has developed two 14-week Parent Coaching Programs, one for Speech and Language Stimulation and the other for Sensory Processing. After completing her Inside Out Sensory Certification, she has also developed individualized Sensory Diets and Sensory Space Design based on the Sensory Profile in order to create the sensory lifestyle the child needs to thrive in this sensory world. Witnessing parents create change in their mindset and their ability to stimulate their child appropriately and confidently while creating sensational connection, has fueled her soul and filled her heart with so much purpose.

Disclosure Statements

Venita Litvack has the following relevant financial relationships to disclose: ownership interest in Speechie Side Up, LLC and Tassel Learning, LLC; royalties from the Lou Knows What to Do book series.

Venita Litvack has the following relevant nonfinancial relationships to disclose: member of the ASHA Special Interest Group 12.

Jacqueline Jebian Garcia has the following relevant financial relationships to disclose: Jacqueline Jebian Garcia is the owner of Create Yourself Co. LLC and receives a speaking fee from Speechie Side Up. She receives a salary from the University of Miami where she is a Social Emotional Coach.

Jacqueline Jebian Garcia has the following nonfinancial relationships to disclose: Jacqueline Jebian Garcia does not receive compensations for any of the resources recommended or cited. No relevant nonfinancial relationship exists.

In-Kind Support Disclosure: Tassel would like to thank the following companies for offering products, services, and/or discounts to giveaway to attendees at no charge: Social Moguls, The Independent Clinician, Simple Practice, Therapy Marketing Kit, Wynter Wellness Group, SLP Toolkit, and Create Yourself Co.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this activity, participants will:
  • Describe the difference between a therapist and a coach
  • List two evocative open-ended questions
  • List two analysis/reflection questions
  • Identify 2 skills that are needed for coaching to be successful


5 minIntroductions and Backgrounds
15 minThe difference between therapists and coaches
20 minA new communication style for therapists: evocative open-ended questions and analysis/reflection questions
5 minWhat is needed for coaching to be successful
10 minWhat steps can an slp take to build a coaching style business
5 minReferences, Closing, Discussion, and Questions
10 minFor the live event: a Q&A discussion panel will take place

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