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Earning CEUs can be expensive, boring, and really inconvenient. With Tassel, you can level up your therapy skills, connect with other members, and stay updated on the latest research anywhere, anytime. Tassel is on a mission to make learning a lifestyle, not a requirement, so you can thrive and provide the best possible service to your clients.

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Pricing & Plans

AAC Empower Hour


This mastermind series will be offered for 3 consecutive months (January-March) so if this type of AAC support sounds like what you need, come join the group now. If you missed a previous mastermind, then you’ll still get access to the playback recording and be able to earn ASHA CEUs. There are a limited number of seats remaining in the live masterminds, but the $37 registration fee includes all 3 playback recordings PLUS:

  •  AAC team collaboration bonus course
  • AAC 101 Powerpoint for caregiver training
  • AAC Systems Cheat Sheet
  • AAC App Comparison Chart (revised)
  •  Tips for AAC Funding Handout
  • AAC Self-Assessment for caregivers training
  • Automatic ASHA Reporting*


Note: Existing SLP Connect and AAC Connect membership have free access to this event and future meetups. Current live registrants will have the option to pre-register before each call, if anyone can’t make it, spots will be opened up to recorded registrants before the public.

SLP Connect Membership


Includes all courses plus:

  • Free access to Virtual Conferences
  • Free Access to Previous Events (e.g., SLP Live, SLP Connect)
  • Unlimited Tassel Course Registrations
  • Unlimited Completion Certificates
  • Automatic ASHA Reporting*
  • Unlimited Group Enrollment
  • Unlimited Access to 1-hr Tassel Podcourses
  • Unlimited Episode Transcriptions & Course Handouts
  • Access to a growing resource library





Recommended for therapists who want access to everything in Tassel Learning plus future courses and events all year round at an incredible value!

Course Topic Bundles


Choose from:

  • AAC Connect Program ($127 – 17 courses)
  • Apraxia Connect Bundle ($99 – 8 courses)
  • Early Intervention Bundle ($99 – 8 courses)
  • Business & Entrepreneurship Bundle ($99 – 8 courses)







Recommended for therapists who want to explore a specific topic for up to a year, want to earn more than .1 ASHA CEUs once requirements are met, and want access to digital resources.

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With a yearly membership subscription:

You can earn more than 3.0 ASHA CEUs in one year while you listen to podcasts.

You can earn additional ASHA CEUs during virtual conferences like SLP Connect.

You get free access to virtual conferences like SLP Connect and SLP Live Podconferences with your membership.

You can complete all your course requirements in one place and even on your phone.

You get full episode transcriptions + handouts for most podcourses

You get exclusive access to topic-specific groups like behavior, apraxia, AAC, etc.

These work like Facebook groups on the platform, except you get email notifications so you never miss the conversation!

Track your progress and earn achievements that count towards prizes and keep you motivated to learn.

*See participation and completion requirements under the course description for more details. If you do not correctly and completely submit these materials by the deadline, you will not be eligible to receive credit for your attendance. Tassel administrative fees are not associated with your ASHA or CE Registry membership.

What our members say

I have been a listener of the Speechie Side Up podcast for some time now and I absolutely love how informative and valuable the episodes are. Joining Tassel turns an aspect of my career from a chore to something I look forward to. Finding ASHA approved courses that are interesting can be challenging, but I love listening to the podcast on my way to work. I feel a part of the SLP community as I see others post in the forums and discuss the episodes. I value that as a group we are able to challenge each other, learn, and earn necessary ASHA CEUs all in one space. I look forward to future podcourses with Tassel!

– Nicole Umaña, SLPA

I love the podcast style! The courses are easily accessible from all my devices and I can listen anywhere at my own pace. I also love how relevant the courses are and how easily I can incorporate the knowledge and strategies into my current practice.

– Taylor H., M.S., CCC-SLP

The SLP Connect Podconference was a super-easy way to learn new information! I listened to the podcasts while I was commuting to work. It was great to be able to just listen at my convenience as opposed to sitting in a conference room or virtual meeting all day. I highly recommend the SLP Connect Podconference!

– Ashley Wright, M.S., CCC-SLP

I LOVE being able to listen to the podcasts literally anywhere, even when I'm on the go! It's a very convenient, easy, and inexpensive way to earn CEUs.

– Greta Abbott, M.S., CCC-SLP